Developer in Gurdians Fate - template

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Developer in Gurdians Fate - template

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:41 pm

Copy and past this into your Letter of Application and send it via PM to Anju22.

Do you have experience with programing, drawing or modelling? We need peoples like you to get the game and forum worked! Smile
I'm not very good in modelling, sooo, I really need someone, who could help me out a little Razz . Just start your application here. I would be very happy.
Here's the template:

Skype, (if you have one):
Experience you have with IT servers, (if you have any):
How active can you be?
What kind of experiences in programing or modelling do you have?
What special thing could you bring to Gurdians Fate?

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